Things You Can Do With Your CASA Kid

Older Children

Assist them in researching what requirements are necessary for graduation from a school and help them research colleges.
Discuss the importance of a smile, "Please” and "Thank you,” and even the effects of a simple compliment to someone.
See a movie.
Go to a baseball game.
Study the DMV manual with one another before a driver’s test or while beginning driver’s education.
If your mentee has begun attending a new school, talk about what is different and what is the same. Share your own experiences with new schools and settings.
Learn to play an instrument together.
Do a research project at the library related to a school report, or a special topic of interest, such as the country, the army, dogs, etc.
Research political positions and candidates who will be on the ballot in upcoming elections.
Check local college and choose an event to attend.
Check your local parks and recreation department for activities.
Check out lesser-known sports such as field hockey, rugby or rowing.
Learn a language together—get a tape or CD/DVD for help.
Offer to help your kid make something for their room.
Learn a cheerleading routine or twirl batons.
Go for a bike ride. Explore your community on bikes. Take a picnic lunch.
Go to a car show.
Shoot some hoops.
Do a simple science project, like making a sundial, using food coloring in some water to show how a flower soaks up water. Check the library for a book with more ideas.
Help your child get a library card.
Learn how to use microscopes, computers, calculators, magnets, and cameras together.
Tutor them in a problem area—ask the teacher for help but don’t spend too much time on schoolwork.
Go to the mall and walk around.
Go roller-skating or ice-skating.
Play billiards.
Teach your kid how to wash clothes, iron, mend clothing, clean the house, and change the oil or a tire on the car.
Help them look for a job and practice interviews, fill out applications, write resumes, etc.
Make something basic out of wood—footstool, shelf, birdhouse, birdfeeder; sand and varnish.
Talk about balancing a budget.
Talk about balancing a checkbook.
Talk about balancing work and life.
Visit a community college.
Visit a local technical school.

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