Things You Can Do With Your CASA Kid

Younger Children

Blow bubbles with them in their yard or at the park.
Easy crafts. Tie knots, make a belt, weave cattails, use a kit from the craft store.
Share a hobby. Start a collection of insects, leaves, bottle caps, rocks, etc.
Learn about the computer at the library and locate some books on a particular topic (i.e. dinosaurs, monsters, soapbox cars, etc.)
Cut out pictures to form a scrapbook of favorite things: cars, pets, family pictures, and places you go together.
Go to breakfast or lunch and practice manners. Check on each other to see if you follow through with all possible "Thank you’s,” "Pleases,” and proper etiquette.
Go for a bus or trolley car ride in a nearby town.
Go to a school function together—carnival, music program, plays, etc.
Easy sewing. Get a kit from the store or do simple small pieces of needlepoint, embroidery or easy placemats, etc.
Drawing and painting with watercolors, magic marker, paint by number, etc.
Assemble a jigsaw puzzle together; use a poster folder to save an incomplete puzzle until next visit.
Write a letter to a relative, President, or a favorite famous person.
Make an easy doll. Look in the library for some ideas.
Put together a simple airplane model.
Build something out of Legos. Some of the kits have moving parts.
Make a gift for Christmas—get ideas from Good Housekeeping magazines or the library.
Work on flash cards together.
Make some placemats. Draw, paint or sew simple designs—use clear contact paper to preserve.
Make easy decorations for a Christmas tree—popcorn strings, glue together some pasta wheels or macaroni, or look for ideas in books.
Decorate cookies. Buy ready-made cookies, a can of frosting and sprinkles.
Go to the pet store—learn about some of the animals that you see from books and videos.
Go on an adult errand together—do shopping (let them help), go to the post office, etc.
Go shopping at a 99¢ Store.
Visit a wildlife area. Look for ducks and other wildlife. Take pictures.
Wrap presents together.
Press some leaves or wildflowers. You can find information in the library on various ways to work with leaves.
Send a postcard when you are away. When you return, you might share some souvenirs or photos.
Talk about phone etiquette, and who to call in an emergency.
Teach a song or a poem to each other.
Go to the Little League or school ball game.
Go to a play or concert.
Drive through a car wash.
Tour a dairy.
Visit a fire station
Go to the circus.
See a parade.
Rent a video from the library or borrow one from the CASA office.
Go to a local festival, fair, or the farm show.
Take the "long way” to the pizza parlor (or other regularly-visited establishment). Provides good opportunity to talk and a chance to see if your child is observant.
Take a kite to the park and fly it.
Go for a walk in a park, by the river, around campus.
Go fishing.
Go on a picnic.
Play cards, checkers, marbles, tic-tac-toe, Bingo, or other games.
Rent a metal detector and go hunting for lost coins.
Plant a garden or put a few seeds in a pot. Plant a peanut plant in a clear plastic cup and watch the roots grow; learn about the parts of a plant.
Miniature golf.
Rake up and play in leaves.
Play horseshoes or throw a Frisbee.
Visit the recycle center and bring stuff to recycle. Learn about the environment and what you can do to help.
Teach your kid how to tell time, count, say the months of the year.
Read a story together. Record it to hear your voices.
Go bowling.
Get a pumpkin and carve or paint it.

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