Activities in Exeter and Lindsay

Exeter and Lindsay have great places to visit with you CASA child(ren) below are few low-cost no cost ideas. You can always call the CASA office ask, or ask your Supervisor for more information.

  • Boys and Girls Club of Exeter

    Location: 360 E. Pine Street, Exeter

    Phone: 1-800-854-2582

  • For information on locations of these parks, click here to view.

  • 130 E. Maple Street
    Exeter, CA 93221

    (559) 592-4883

    1 Hour of RC Car Racing for free for CASA children. Call Mark Hull for days and details.

  • Location: 230 E. Chestnut, Exeter

    Phone: (559) 592-5361

  • Location: 165 N. Gale Hill St., Lindsay

    Phone: (559) 562-3021

  • Lindsay has three parks: Harvard, Lindsay City, and Olive Bowl Park

    Phone: (559) 562-5945

  • Location: 365 N. Sweet Brier Ave., Lindsay

    Phone: (559) 562-3326

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