Kaweah Oaks Preserve

At Kaweah Oaks Preserve there are four very different habitats: Woodlands, Alkali Meadow, Riparian Forest, and Swamp. In our agricultural San Joaquin valley, where land is used to grow food that feeds people all over the world, it is the only piece of land left that has not been plowed. At the entryway, you will see a learning area, where you will get a briefing of the various plants and animals you will find on the trails from a volunteer guide when you schedule a visit. Other times you can visit freely without a guide, as the preserve is never closed during daylight hours.

Location: 29979 Road 182 Visalia, CA 93277 or for more information go to: http://sequoiariverlands.org/what-you-can-do-see/kaweah-oaks-preserve.html        

Phone #: (559) 738-0211

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